AnalyticsSeminar-07The Analytics for Policy Seminars are designed to empower federal, state and local government policymakers to plan and implement successful analytics applications. Governments are faced with many policy challenges and have begun to apply analytics to some of these problems. Indeed, an increasing number of CIO’s are familiar with analytics solutions. However, many senior policymakers do not fully understand the potential applications of analytics or what it takes to successfully implement an ‘analytics’ solution.

AnalyticsSeminar-55These seminars are designed to teach policymakers how to identify problems that could benefit from an analytics solution and to learn the required elements for successful applications of analytics in government. Courses will leverage real world practitioners who have successfully used analytics to address policy problems as well as UNC faculty who specialize in policy and analytics.  The seminars are each built around a timely and significant policy framework, so that participants can understand and evaluate analytics applications in a context that is significant to their daily work.

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Analytics have become a vital underpinning to Medicaid managed care policy and program administration.

5 Pieces of Advice About Analytics and the New Medicaid Rules (Industry Perspective) provides helpful advice gleaned from the April 2016 Healthcare and Managed Care session.


Who should attend?

Senior federal, state, and local health and social welfare policymakers

By attending an Analytics for Policy Seminar, you will

  • Better understand how analytics can help your agency meet its policy challenges
  • Learn key concepts around big data and analytics
  • Understand the critical elements of a successful analytics solution
  • Learn from your peers about successful health analytics solutions in state and local government – including return on investment, challenges and lessons learned
  • Network with your peers from other states



“I know that analytics can be a powerful tool to drive policy decisions, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more and understand how it can be implemented in my department to improve results.”